Four Types Of Skull Fractures That Toddlers Can Avoid By Wearing A Child Head Protection Helmet

4 Types Of Skull Fractures That Toddlers Can Avoid By Wearing A Child Head Protection Helmet


Parents should always be aware of the dangers that come with when their babies are learning to walk if they don't wear an infant head protection helmet. Not only will their little ones be at risk for ending up with head injuries such as concussions or contusions if they were to fall and hit their heads. However, they could easily end up with having a skull fracture, and there are 4 types that parents must be aware of. Let's go over those now.

1. Linear Skull Fracture

This type of skull fracture is the least serious of the others. That is because it is a break in the bone, however, the bone itself is not moved or affected in other ways. In most cases, the only type of treatment whenever children end up having a linear skull fracture is them being observed in the hospital by medical staff for a short time. And, they can usually go back to doing their typical activities. The parents will also be told that they are lucky that the type of skull fracture that their child ended up having was a linear one and it will heal on its own. Parents will most definitely need to make sure their small kids are wearing baby safety head protectors when they are walking.

2. Depressed Skull Fracture

The depressed skull fracture is more serious than the linear skull fracture as it literally means part of the skull is depressed, or sunken in from the blow on the head. It is not always seen on the outside meaning there is not always a cut on the scalp. And, more often than not, this type of skull fracture requires surgery, but the prognosis is usually good, depending on the severity. Always have your littles wearing a child head protection helmet when they are on the move to prevent this.

3. Diastatic Skull Fracture 

This type of fracture actually happens more often in younger babies than those that are at the stage of learning to walk or crawl. But this type of fracture are cracks that are seen at the skull's suture lines which are the regions between the head bones that fuse while the child is growing.

4. Basilar Skull Fracture

This type of skull fracture is the most serious of the others because the bone at the base of the skull is broken, and kids with a basilar skull fracture have bruises around their eyes and behind their ear. And in severe cases, clear fluid will be seen draining from their ears and noses due to a part of the covering of the brain being torn. And kids with this serious type of skull fracture need to be hospitalized and treated for a long time.

After reading about these skull fractures that kids can easily end up with if they are not protected while walking, parents will not want their kids ever to end up dealing with complications from having a skull fracture of any kind. They will want to make sure that their kids' heads are protected fully by investing in a child head protection helmet to prevent them from having skull fractures or other complications from falling while walking.

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