Head Injuries

Parents Of Babies And Toddlers Must Be Aware Of The Three Types Of Head Injuries


When babies reach the point of beginning to walk, that is an exciting milestone which means parents will need to be on their feet a lot more since they will be having to chase them around. However, what all parents of babies maturing into walking toddlers need to understand that it is essential that investing in the best child head protection helmet is critical. Otherwise, anytime a baby that is attempting to walk falls, they are at risk for ending up with a serious head injury.

And, any time a serious head injury occurs, that can increase the chances of the child ending up with brain damage due to fractures of the skull, blood vessels, and tissues, and internal bleeding. There are three types of head injuries that parents need to be aware of, and let's go over those now.

A Concussion

A concussion occurs when there is a blow to the head which causes the brain to shift around and this is the least serious of the other types of head injuries. Signs of a concussion are temporary unconsciousness, a loss of equilibrium, and nausea. If a child that is attempting to walk ends up falling and is showing signs of a concussion, then they need to be taken to the ER to be observed. However, if no damage has been detected, then they will not admit the children and instruct the parents to keep an eye on them for 24 hours to monitor any changes in behavior. The next brain injury that will be covered is more serious than a concussion.

A Contusion

A contusion of the brain is a lot more serious than a concussion because that involves swelling and bleeding in the brain where the blow had happened. And as a result, a contusion is a bruise to the brain which can be caused by babies that are learning to walk falling and hitting their heads. And that is why investing in an infant head protection helmet will help prevent head injuries such as contusions.

Symptoms of a contusion may involve numbness, the inability to use any form of expression and to understand what is being said, emotional disturbances, motor coordination difficulties, and poor attention span. If a child that has fallen and had a blow to their head is exhibiting these symptoms, they need to be taken to the emergency room immediately. Mild contusions will not have a long-term impact and will heal but severe contusions can induce a coma. Lastly, another head injury that unprotected children have experienced will be covered that is also quite serious.

Skull Fracture

A skull fracture is a very serious head injury that many toddlers learning to walk have experienced due to them falling and not wearing baby safety head protectors. There are four types of skull fractures which will be discussed in detail in another post. However, most of them are serious and do require medical intervention that usually involves surgical procedures and tests will also be performed to determine the type of skull fracture the child has.

Now that parents have a brief understanding of the different types of head injuries that can happen when their babies are beginning to walk if they are not wearing a child head protection helmet, they can prevent any of these injuries from happening by making the best investment. That is a baby safety head protector.

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