Planning a Child's Birthday Party

5 Ways On How To Plan A Fun And Safe Birthday Party For Your One-Year-Old


Your baby is turning a year old and very soon he or she is about to hit some exciting milestones such as walking, talking, and being more interactive. And, you want to throw a fun birthday party for your baby. However, you are concerned about how you can reinforce that it will be a disaster-free birthday party. Let's look at 5 tips on how to prepare a birthday party that will be fun and that will lower the odds significantly of a disaster occurring.

1. Keep The Guest List Limited

Remember that your baby is still small even though he or she is no longer a newborn. With that said, he or she will become overwhelmed easily. That means to keep the guest list small which will include your closest friends and family members. Don't invite the entire neighborhood to your baby's first birthday party. That will cause a disaster which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

2. Plan The Party At A Time When It Is Not Near Naptime

How fun will it be when the star of the birthday party becomes tired and cranky because he or she is nearing the naptime? That would defeat the purpose. The birthday party is happening because your baby is turning a year old and that is a huge milestone. Your baby needs to be there for that reason. And in order for everyone, especially the baby to have a good time means that the party must take place during an hour or two at the most when it is not near the baby's nap time!

3. Never Plan The Party For The Weekend After Your Baby's One-Year Shots

It is bad enough if your baby is overtired and cranky because the birthday party was happening at a time close to his or her nap time. And, after your baby receives his or her 12-month shots, then you can expect your infant to be cranky for a few days, and maybe even mildly feverish.


Sure, it is possible that you could plan the baby's birthday party for a weekend where he or she ends up becoming sick anyway. That would mean the party would have to be postponed and that would be difficult to do. Don't increase the chances of that happening by planning the birthday party the weekend after your baby receives those shots.

4. Don't Overdo It

Parents can become so incredibly into planning the baby's birthday party to the point that they stress out easily. It is best to just keep the party simple. Remember, your baby only can handle anything simple. Plan for a few snacks, a birthday cake, which can include a smash cake, and play some music so the guests can have a good time. And that is all you need to do - or something along those lines! The bottom-line is don't stress out over planning an elaborate and 'perfect' birthday party for your baby!

5. Invest In An Infant Head Protection Helmet Before Your Baby's First Birthday

At this point, your baby will be up and learning how to walk, if he or she is not walking already. You absolutely must have a baby safety head protector for your developing toddler because he or she will be up and walking even more. And the last thing you will want to see happen is an accident occurring that potentially involve your baby falling and ending up with a head injury. That would be the ultimate disaster that could happen on your baby's first birthday party- or on any other day!

Have a fun birthday party for your baby and don't stress out at all while you are planning the party. And please prevent the worst disaster from happening such as a head injury if your baby falls while attempting to walk and invest in a child head protection helmet!






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