Popular Games For One Year Olds

3 Of The Most Popular Games For One Year Olds

 When babies grow into toddlerhood which is when they are approaching a year old, they need even more stimulation for their overall development. Kids at that age are also learning about the cause and effect and are becoming more aware of their environment. With that said, age-appropriate games are a perfect way to keep them stimulated and engaged. If you are unsure of what types of games that a one-year-old to a two-year-old should play, you are in good hands because you are about to learn about 3 of the best games for toddlers in this age group.

1. Playing House

Kids love to play house, and this is even an appropriate game for toddlers of this age because it helps them become more aware of their environment. Playing house is also great for their gross motor skill development. If you have a toy house that is large enough to fit several children, then that is perfect. If not, you can create one from cardboard boxes. Be sure to create a door and glue the pieces together. Your toddler will love this game because it is highly engaging.

2. Running Errands

The one thing you want to do is teach your children to become responsible, and it is never too early to start with that. By doing that, you will most definitely want your toddlers to start doing simple chores. However, there is a fun version of that which is a game that involves your toddler to go and run to pick up items in a room for you. For instance, play a game that involves you telling your child to go around the room to pick up some socks at the corner. And also tell your child to go and get some books and bring them to you which is at the other corner.


This type of game is not only great for helping them become responsible, but it strengthens their receptive language skills because you are giving them directions to follow.

3. Telephone

This game does not involve your toddler having to go up and run around. However, this is a fun game because it involves talking and laughing. Either get a toy telephone or an old telephone that you no longer use. Give it to your toddler and encourage him or her to pick up the phone and start talking. Go and have some fun while making conversation which is why this game also involves laughing! This is a great game to promote language and social development.


However, one important thing to remember, regardless of what game your toddler is playing is to make sure you invest in an infant head protection helmet. That is because these games, especially the first two involves your child running around. And when your little one is on the move, then that increases the chances of him or her falling which can result in a head injury which would be disastrous. Make sure before your baby begins to walk, or even is beginning to crawl, invest in a baby safety head protector. It will prevent any serious injuries from happening which as you know would ruin the fun that comes with playing games.


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