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Welcome to Thudguard! We make the best infant protective safety hats and toddler head protection in the business. When infants and toddlers first start to crawl, it can be frustrating for parents when your baby falls and bonks his or her head constantly. Not only does your baby or toddler cry, but then you have to worry about bumps, bruises, and possible concussions. After all, the bones in your child’s head are not fused, so it’s always a worry when they fall. That’s why Thudguard provides these durable infant safety hats to minimize the bumps, bruises, and worries. Read below to see some of the benefits of protective headgear for babies and toddlers, and contact us today to learn more!


  • Protect your infant’s fragile brain. As we mentioned above, babies are born with their skull bones not fused together. This serves two purposes: to allow the baby to more easily pass through the birth canal and to allow for the exceptional growth your baby will experience in his or her first two years of life. Known as soft spots, over time, these gaps eventually close. Protective headgear by Thudguard protects your baby’s skull during this fragile time in his or her life.
  • Reduces bumps, bruises, and possible concussions. When an infant or toddler begins to walk, naturally there will be lots of tumbles and spills, which can cause anxiety on the parents’ part and can be hard to the baby. Kids’ head protection is recommended to protect from these pitfalls of learning to walk.
  • Protects in the case of seizures. Some infants and toddlers suffer from seizures. These can become really dangerous as they age because they have a greater distance to fall down, and they can fall down when you’re out and about where the obstacles are unknown and potentially more dangerous. Investing in safety hats for your infant or toddler by Thudguard is a great way to minimize the chance of serious harm when your child has a seizure or other form of balance disorders.

Thudguard baby headgear protection is lightweight, which means your child will hardly know it’s on. Featuring large air vents on its entire surface, this baby headgear vents the entire surface of your child’s skull, which means it won’t be hot in the unbearable heat of the summer months. Thudguard’s amazing infant safety hats cushion all areas of the of the head, including the forehead, sides, back, and top. These high-quality infant head guards are designed to grow with your infant or toddler, with recommended fit between seven months and two years. Our kids’ safety hats have a half inch of protective foam, which will cushion even the hardest falls. As the only toddler head protection endorsed by the Children’s Accident & Emergency Experts, this safety aid will help your child learn to walk without fear. Sturdy and comfortable, Thudguad’s amazing protective headgear will keep your infant or toddler safe. Protect your child’s head from falls on hardwood floors, tiles, patios, and furniture, and order yours today!

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